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Composites are so FUN!

Becky Flax

first successful composite

I am working hard on pushing through my thesis. With the development of my composite exploration, I am using Polylactic Acid (PLA) pellets to create hard pieces with non-toxic phosphorescent pigments!  

These lovely pellets, I place in a steel frame I made on campus. Then between to pieces of .75" thick aluminum sheets and into an industrial heat press. Both the top and the bottom platen are heated to 400 deg Fahrenheit and then they squeeze together with the pressure of 1 ton! After hanging out in the press for about 10 minutes, all of the pellets are melted and it is a sweet sheet! 

I have been playing with removing the aluminum sheets before the PLA is fully cooled. This has created these really interesting bubbling effects! Wait 'til you see them glow!