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Philadelphia, PA 19130


who me?


as a designer with varied interests, my path to textile design has been filled with learning experiences in a range of areas.

i have spent time working as a chemical engineer, a weave intern, the head of a retail department, an independent dog-walker, a kitchen manager, a barista, graduate assistant and tutor. each of these experiences has expanded my understanding of design and how to view its impact on the world.

my passion is exploration and innovation. i love to experiment with new materials and processes. while completing my thesis i examined woven, knit, nonwoven, electrospun and composite textiles. i jump at every opportunity to collaborate, each experience brings new knowledge and the potential for amazing discovery.  to any facet of design that i encounter, i bring an enthusiasm that can make the ordinary, extraordinary and my peers feel like all ideas are valid and worth exploring. 

things that bring me joy: baking, embroidery, spinning yarn, being a barista (especially crafting a perfect soy latte), organizing my collection of greeting cards, making new friends and writing lists.