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fashion collaborations

fashion collaborations

Vivian Cooper    Huyen Doan    Jenna Johnson    Madison Chamberlain    Hannah Rall    Ashlee Bowers    Taélor Lambert

an amazing opportunity to work with talented students to see textile creations come to life. 

fall 2016 with Vivian Cooper

the stunning pieces of Vivian Cooper @viviancooper

the stunning pieces of Vivian Cooper @viviancooper

collaborative work with Vivian Cooper

for Viv's collection 1 pieces, I created a jacquard and a knit fabric


on loom

woven under tension, on our jacquard loom fitted with 30/2 mercerized, natural cotton a double ombre double cloth construction with elastomeric stuff began. 


off loom

once off loom the elastomeric yarn drew in to create lovely undulations that Viv used to create dimension and movement reminiscent of rock formations. 


work in progress knit 

playing with racked ladder links continuing the theme of striated rock formations 


knitting the final pieces 

with dimensions provided by Viv, I scale up my original swatches to create panels that she can use to drape, cut and sew her garment

it is always an immense pleasure to work with Viv. she has an impeccable sense of color and texture. her style is outstanding and as a bonus she is a positively lovely person. i always learn so much from every collaboration we do and am able to push myself as a designer.

spring 2017 with Vivian Cooper


a knit and a jacquard piece were created for vivian's spring collection as well. both can be seen together in the right photo

video detail of the knit created for the collection, a links peek-a-boo with bright pops of color. 


detail image of jacquard fabric face and back, double cloth construction using monofilament metallic yarns 


fall 2016 with Huyen Doan

the final collection of Huyen Doan @neyuhuyen

collaborative work with Huyen Doan

i had the incredible pleasure of making 3 custom knits for Huyen's collection 2


inspiration images 

huyen provided me with images from her sketchbook that spoke to the look she was trying to achieve in her collection


first trial

from those images i created this piece using front and back knit, plus areas of tuck stitches 

using the same inspiration, but looking to create texture instead of illustrative textiles, i made the next two knits


the next knit uses only tuck stitches to create this elegant texture on both the face and back

ultimately, huyen chose to use to the dimensional texture as she thought it was more masculine looking that the visible tuck stitches

this final knit (face and back shown incorporates pointelle, single and double tuck stitches a bit of links. 

it was positively the most fun to program! and gave a very interesting dimension to the final fabric.

huyen is incredible. she is one of the fastest and most skilled creators i have met. i would delivery her textiles and by the next morning, the garment was not only complete, it was stunning! she is as excited about learning as i am and took an active interest in how i was creating the textiles and the fiber choices i made. she is brilliant. 


fall 2016 with Jenna Johnson

original print design 

water color painting i did of mosaic tiles i put into repeat to serve at the imagery for the jacquard fabric for jenna's top

final jacquard fabric

woven in a double cloth construction so that it could be reversible if jenna wanted to use both sides

jenna is an amazing communicator, she is able to articulate exactly what she wants from a textile. working with her allows her collaborator to push themselves to meet the needs of her inspiration, without feeling unsure if the end result was exactly what she wanted. her aesthetic is smart and she dresses women of all sizes, which makes her unique and wonderful!

spring 2017 with Jenna Johnson

a jacquard and a knit were created for Jenna's spring collection. Sadly, the jacquard piece did not make it into the show.


Jenna's collection was inspired by minimalist architecture. 

So, both structures are simple but strong.


spring 2017 with Madison Chamberlain

this jacquard collaboration was featured on Women's Wear Daily and won the award for Best in Show at the 2017 Philadelphia University Fashion Show.


Madi was fantastic to work with. She had a definite eye for what she wanted as was not afraid to go over the top. Working with her allowed me to push myself into the more figurative imagery and the result was well worth it!


spring 2017 with Hannah Rall


this is the knit collaboration with Hannah, utilizing lay-in with coarser yarns to create texture and dimension 


this jacquard fabric used for the coat in Hannah's collaboration, two different colorways of the same design added extra visual interest

on the left, the original painting that lead to the color trials on the right.


the final two colorways chosen, weaving 

early stages of knit collaboration, as materials and fibers were being chosen


Hannah was fantastic to work with. Despite set backs, she always kept a positive attitude. She was open to my ideas but pushed me to keep going beyond what I thought was doable and I will forever be grateful. 


spring 2017 with Ashlee Bowers

this collection includes 2 knit collaborations. They can be seen on the center look and the one directly to its right. 


detail image of trial run for sweater look


final yardage being knit for over sweater look

Ashlee has an incredible eye for sports wear. She knows her fibers and was able to communicate clearly what she was looking for. It was a pleasure working with her. 


spring 2017 with Micah Ohno


I collaborated on 2 jacquard fabrics in Micah's collection. The design was the same for both, but one was able to be used for dyesub printing and the other was already color set.


the center embellishment on the top of this piece is dye sublimation printed on jacquard fabric with differential substantivity. 


these pants are the jacquard fabric with contrasting colors as opposed to contrasting substantivity.  

Micah is brilliant with an amazing fashion eye. She was able to make a collection come together from an incredible number of materials and fibers. She was always excited and motivated to do great work. It was truly an honor to work with her.  


spring 2017 with Taélor Lambert


this knit design collaboration with Taelor won the XIIX Collaboration Award for best collaborative collection.  


above you can see the blue, violet and grey color mixing that give this pocketed piece extra depth. and to the right you can see how as the piece grows, so do the size of the pockets. 


It was so exciting to work with Taélor because she brought an energy to our collaboration. She was open t so many different types of knits and let me play to make her a one of a kind piece.